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Subject:  test message
test message

Subject:  Refurbishing a Clansman Battery
This might be of interest to those of us who own Clansman radios. http://www.vmarsmanuals.co.uk/newsletter_articles/refurb_clansmanbattery.pdf

Subject:  Clansman terms
Found this on Wikipedia and will try to add more to it. IBRU (Interconnecting Box Radio-rebroadcast Unit) Used in conjunction with the "Harness" point on VRC 353 and VRC 321 units, to operate 2 or more sets as a Rebro. (ReBroadcast). Re-Broadcasting allows 2+ networks, on different frequencies, to be combined, effectively increasing the ground size of the net. For instance, a vehicle using whip antennas may only be able to communicate 30 km; though placing a Rebro vehicle 30 km away could extend this to 60 km by re-broadcasting the signal on a second net. DMU A DMU, (Digital Master Unit) is used in conjunction with the necessary encryption devices, can provide secure communications on a VHF network, to other sets connected to a DMU. SURF A SURF (Selector Unit Radio Frequency) is used to prevent interference with other nearby HF sets. It filters out the unused frequency bands by use of a manual control on the front of the unit, so that only the frequency in use, and those close to it, are processed by the TURF and the antenna. TURF A TURF (Tuning Unit Radio Frequency) is used to artificially lengthen the antenna, as often HF wavelengths are too long to be used with vehicle whips, or even vertical radiators suspended from 8 or 12 metre masts. Using a larger antenna, such as the various dipole antennas, is not tactical when communicating in a warzone, as they take much longer to set up and are visible from a long distance away. Furthermore, getting the antenna to exactly the right length is still very difficult. A TURF unit can be used both to artificially lengthen shorter antennas, and fine tune all HF antennas to exactly match the frequency in use. TURF units are considered mandatory when using 321 sets, and thus are built into PRC 320 sets as standard. They are not built into VRC 321 sets, as when a coax cable cannot be connected directly to the antenna (example - whilst using a sloping wire or vertical radiator), the TURF needs to be attached directly to the antenna, and thus removed from the vehicle. The TURF requires users to manually tune the antenna, unlike the VHF "TUAAM" which is self tuning. TUAAM A TUAAM (Tuning Unit Automatic Antenna Matching) unit is essentially a TURF but for VHF. It automatically tunes to the antenna, and artificially shortens the antenna rather than lengthening it, but essentially performs the same function. An EVHF unit can be used on top of masts to provide the same function.

Subject:  call sign

Subject:  call sign
Just got my call sign KF5IMG
Rick H

Subject:  Clansman Radios
Subject: Clansman Radios (British) Several models of the British Clansman Radios have hit the surplus market in England and are available for purchase through eBay, Army Radio Sales and various other public outlets for reasonable prices. The two radios that come to my attention are the PRC/RT 350 and the PRC/RT 351. I will jump straight into the CONS of these radios. They are: 1. Shipping. It’s going to be high. You could be paying almost as much for shipping as you will for the radio. 2. Support. There is no one here in the States who has direct accessories, parts or repair services. You will need to secure these parts/services back in England. 3. Not all Clansman radios have adjustable volume controls. For example, the PRC/RT 350/351 only has four settings, OFF/Whisper/Loud/Noise On (meaning the radio is unsquelched). This could be annoying if you are using a headset. That is about it for the CONS. While I am here, let’s hit afew of the PROS. They are: 1. Depending on what radio and/or where you purchase it, a very complete radio setup can be purchased AND shipped for less than you can find most of the current US radios. 2. Depending on where you purchase the radio setup, it might be worth purchasing more than one giving you a spare radio and/or spare parts from the start (radios, handsets, antennas, etc). Put a pencil to this, you have the combined price of the equipment AND the shipping to consider. Buying items together versus separately may be much cheaper in the long run. 3. The Clansman radios (PRC/RT 350/351) have 150 MHz squelch break and 25 kHz tuning steps making them easily compatible with the US radios like the PRC 77. 4. The PRC/RT 350 is smaller and lighter than the PRC 77 but has similar performance features. Depending on which model you get, it may or may not be compatible with the US 6 meter band (50-54 MHz) that we plan to initially operate on. For example, the PRC/RT 349 will not operate within the 6-meter band. This is considered an “out of band” radio. It and others that will not operate within the band should be avoided. The Clansman are solid-state radios so battery packs should be easy to obtain at the time of purchase or to possibly fabricate using a battery extension lead. Antenna adapters allowing the use of US antennas are also available. Extra accessories should be obtained for future replacements. All in all, if outfitted in the proper way, these would make excellent radios for our use. A bulk purchase should be considered if several people are interested.

Subject:  6 meters for mil radios

Subject:  Radio photo page
How about a photos section that you can click on a photo of a radio and it gives you a short description of the radio.

Subject:  Clansman Radios
Nicely put Rory! I almost had the big one when I ordered my BG-172 for my GRC-9. The shipping cost twice what the bag cost! I have only seen one on this side of the pond. Your very correct, it does even out in the end when it comes to the prices of the radios here. Just like Ebay, you get it in the price of the item or in the shipping.

Subject:  Clansman Radios
Shipping for the Brit radios has been painful at best, but the gear itself is so inexpensive that it is worth it. We have had good luck with what was received so far, ie PRC-349/350/351. Big John will add some more models to that list! Cheers...Rory


Subject:  Army Radio sales
http://www.armyradio.com/ Lots of radios from all over!
Herb T.

Subject:  Clansman 320
Your right about the US radios Sam. I am saving up for a Clansman 320 with accessories. Should be a nice HF pack for all occasions. How bad is the shipping from the UK?
Herb T.

Subject:  test
We have been having some spam problems with the message board, so I have had to restrict access and password the message posting. Please contact me for the required information.
Rick H.

Subject:  PRC-77 Radios
The PRC-77 radio is one of the best radios for our use. It was one of the first all solid-state, portable transceivers to come out in the late 1960’s. This radio remained in use with the US military until the 1990’s and is currently in use by many countries around the world. This FM radio operates between 30-75 MHz in 50 kHz steps (25 kHz is available but not very common) and usually has an output of about 2 watts. With a good antenna, a 5-mile or more range is possible. Standard configurations/accessories include stationary, portable and vehicle applications. Standard handsets, hand mics, earphones and full function headsets are available. The PRC-77 is capable of retransmit with the proper equipment. Homebrewed external amplified speakers and gel-cell 12-volt batteries can be easily fabricated. Civilian external antennas can be utilized thanks to the BNC connector on the radio. Due to the price and availability, PRC-10 ribbon antennas can be used with a simple adapter in place of the standard PRC-25/77 antenna. Steve Haney in Godley, Texas is the best source for sales, repair and support. Corporal Jarhead also sells PRC-77’s and the AM-2060/MT-1029 vehicle mounts. PRC-77’s along with many of the accessories can be had off of eBay but be prepared to pay $350+ for a “working” radio or $100+ repair bill on a cheaper one.

Subject:  ARRL Study Manual
Received my book(s) today. Looking forward to jumping in!
Lee K.

Subject:  British "Clansman" radios
Some of us are experimenting with the British "Clansmen" series of radios to find a lower price alternative to the US military radios that have become hard to find and even harder to pay for. Will report our findings! Sam R
Sam R

Subject:  test 2
Commo Check!
Rick H

Subject:  test message
commo check!
Rick H

Subject:  June Meeting
This Wed. is our regular monthly meeting at the Mabry Museum and our last meeting prior to the Lakeway Independence Day Parade and the National Convention. Meeting starts at 1900 hrs on Wednesday the 16th. If there any additions or corrections to the access list please let me know by Monday night.
Danny K

Subject:  M151A2 windshield for sale
I have a M151A2 windshield for sale. It is in good shape, the top and door channels are in really good condition. I am selling it for $50.
John C

Subject:  NAPA parts list
Here is a list of NAPA parts for your MB/GPW. napa_parts.pdf
Rick H

Subject:  Memorial Day Flags
This Saturday 29 May VFW 8925 will once again place flags at the graves of all Veterans at the Cook-Walden Cemetery on Oak Hill at Wm. Cannon and Hwy 290. This will start at 0800 and usually takes about 2 or 3 hours depending upon the amount of help. This is primarily a VFW function but several club members have helped out in the past and some have even driven their vehicles. Due to some scheduling changes I will miss this year for the first time ever but if you go just link up with Herb. He also has done this many times and knows the routine. Also, if you go bring something long and pointed to pre make a hole for the flag since the ground is usually hard and a pair of gloves. Drinks will be provided by the VFW but feel to bring something if you wish. Adult beverages okay. Thanks for the help and sorry I'm missing this one. Almost forgot, if you can help picking the flags up be there same time on Monday 1 June.

Subject:  Car Shows
Here is a list of car shows in Texas. http://www.carshownews.com/national/TX.htm

Subject:  Welcome
Welcome to the new club message board. This board is for the members use only. During the club meeting on 19 May, it was agreed that this message board would be available for one month. At that time it shall be determined by member vote if it should be a perminent feature of the website. I will monitor the messages and delete any message(s) deemed inappropriate. Please contact me to post a message. Thanks
Rick H

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