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Veterans Day Parade

11 November, 2017

Austin, Texas


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EVENT: Austin Veterans Day Parade
LOCATION: Austin, Texas
DATE: 11 Nov 2017

Vehicles in Parade: 13 + 3 trailers

Members in Parade: Danny K, James Bi, James Hy, Scott P, John S, Rory C, Panda, Caitlin C, Ward B, Madison H, Matthew W, Bill N, Scott S, Domingo M, Patrick C, Jim H

The parade was once again a resounding success. The weather was great, cool and cloudy by pleasantly so. As planned we transported Veterans of the 3rd Armored Division Association in the parade. They had forecasted 59 members and there was concern on my part if we could carry them all. There was joy for all as we managed to get them all in the vehicles. The Veterans were most appreciative for the ride and they truly enjoyed the parade. Sometimes it is easy for me to treat these events as just another parade, but after seeing the enthusiasm of these Vetís, it reminds me more of our heritage and purpose in the MVPA. At the end of the parade we were able to safely discharge the Vetís so they could attend the wreath laying ceremony at the capitol. They had invited us to their formal dinner that evening but most of us had other MVPA events to attend in the afternoon and evening. A BIG thanks to all who attended and helped make it a safe and successful parade event. All vehicles made it through the parade without breakdowns. Alas, I didnít get any pictures. If anyone else did, please send them to Rick H.

Jim H


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