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smithville Day

22-23 April, 2017

Camp Mabry, Texas


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EVENT: Smithville Jamboree Parade
LOCATION: Smithville, Texas
DATE: 22 April 2017

Vehicles in Parade: 2 Members in Parade: 2

Last year we were soaked with moderate rain for several hours prior to the parade start time. Last year we also won the “Fallen Hero’s Award” but the trophy had been given to someone else and the organizers never found out who so they could get it to us. To our surprise the organizers had another 2016 trophy made for and presented it to us at the 2017 parade.

This year because Muster Day was also on the 22 nd , we only had two of us in the parade. Madison Hughes and I arrived at the Smithville airport around 0745 hrs to download and made our way downtown to the parade area. We were in place at our parade wait spot by 0830 hrs. Although it was supposed to rain some, it fortunately did not. So we waited for the judging at 0900 hrs and the parade start time at 1300 hrs. Even though the wait time was long, it was not totally wasted. We saw another M-37 truck pull into a spot around the corner from and went to investigate. It was a 1952 model still in original paint (they weren’t going to win on good looks) owned and manned by the Schulenburg VFW. Although rough looking, it had a strong engine. We enjoyed talking with group of about eight VFW members swaping stories.

The parade itself was pleasant and not quite as many folks as the previous year (probably due to rain and wind forecast). There were however numerous energetic folks with ever patriotic veterans and others standing as we passed by.

We won the 2017 Fallen Hero’s Award again this year even with only the two of us.

Jim H.



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