Event: Veterans Day appreciation by LCRA
Date: November 9, 2005
Location: Smithville, Texas
Description: Herb T, an employee of LCRA again invited club members to participate in LCRA's annual Veterans Day Appreciation event.  He was joined by Madison H for the day in Smithville, Texas.  Herb brought down his GPW, and Madison had his M37.

The two vehicles and Madison's impressive display of firearms, communications and other gear were well received by those in attendance.  There were two guest speakers at the event including one who is an LCRA employee who recently returned from a one year tour in Iraq.  He spoke about what it was like to get the call for deployment and what it was like over there.  The next speaker was his wife.  She talked about what it was like to have her husband gone for a year and what was going through her mind.  It was a very interesting to hear about what goes on at home when a spouse is deployed. 

When the ceremony was over Madison and Herb helped themselves to hamburgers provided by LCRA.  This was a very nice and fun event and Herb expressed his thanks to Madison for being there to assist.   

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Herb's GPW Madison's M37 The two vehicles Madison's display


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