Event: Veterans Day event at the Hutto school
Date: November 11/12, 2005
Location: Hutto, Texas
Description: On 11-10-05, John SS, Jeff L, and Rory C, met up and convoyed John's M35 w/M832 Electronics trailer, Rory's M813A1 w/M105 trailer, and Rory's Unimog, to Hutto for a "Cold War" display on Veteran's Day.  Arriving at noon, they began to set up in an open area between the high school and elementary school.  The encampment comprised the US vehicles and trailers, three tents, and misc. equipment, completely covered in camouflage netting.  The Mog sat outside the entrance, representing a visiting friendly force.  Altogether, it took around 4.5 hours to set up, with assistance from Rory's kids and a friend, John S.  Later in the afternoon, Barry F. arrived and set up his WWII display and encampment close by. John SS, Jeff L, and Rory C then spent the night in their encampment, Barry F in his.  

Early on Veteran's Day, Steve T. arrived with his Chenowith FAV, which he parked outside the camo net entrance.  John SS and Jeff L geared up and painted their hands and faces with camo, and all was ready.  At 8am the kids started to arrive, and that continued non-stop throughout the day.  Class after class of kids and their teachers came through the displays and were given "lectures" on the gear and military life in general.  A guest lecturer, Tom B., came and gave much appreciated help.  The kids looked, listened, and asked loads of questions and appeared enthralled by the whole experience. T he Army provided a team of parachutists who did a very spirited jump display.  After participating in the Congress Ave. parade, JH M arrived with his M35A2.  

In the early afternoon the Confederate Air Force PBJ (Marine version of the B-25) and a Corsair made several low passes and turns over the display.  Later in the day, many of the kids who had come through earlier returned and gave out dozens of hand made thank-you cards and several large banners.  After the school day, visitors continued to come through.  Many were parents/family brought by kids who had come through earlier, and it was interesting to hear the kids accurately repeating to their folks what they had learned.  Other visitors were just curious passersby, but all were welcomed. 

Late in the afternoon, Steve T and JH departed with their vehicles, and Barry F. managed to pack up his display and leave.  With the visitors still coming through, John, Jeff, and Rory decided to stay in place another night and strike the encampment on Saturday morning.  This was done, and the convoy departed at noon Saturday. 

In all, over 1400 elementary and high school students came through the display, along with teachers and well over 100 "other" visitors.  Those who participated felt that something significant had been accomplished, and the kids had been given something to remember.

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Getting ready to go, the M35/M832, M813A1/M105, and Unimog 404 Going, Going...  The M813 is already under the net Gone... The base crew ready for the day Jeff L lurking in the entrance
05vethf.jpg (345922 bytes) 05vethg.jpg (357679 bytes) 05vethh.jpg (441502 bytes) 05vethi.jpg (218220 bytes) 05vethj.jpg (345281 bytes)
Tom B and kids by the M813 John SS talking to kids by the M832 Jeff L talking to kids Barry F and Morgan M  talking to kids Tom B and kids, a view inside the net
05vethk.jpg (184705 bytes) 05vethl.jpg (235096 bytes) 05vethm.jpg (37186 bytes)
Steve T's Chenowith FAV JH's M35A2 PBJ and Corsair


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