Event: Bandera Veterans Appreciation parade/event
Date: November 12, 2005
Location: Bandera, Texas
Description: The event was the first and hopefully annual Veterans' Appreciation Day on the Courthouse Square grounds including numerous static displays of field gear, uniforms, various military artifacts, publications, weapons display, antique cars and tractors and military vehicles.  Many military groups had recruitment tables such as the VFW, American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America, Korean Vet. Assoc. and many of the associated ladies groups.

Those in attendance included Danny K with his '70 M151A2, Toby C with his '42 Willys MB, J.D. Hofer with his '42 GPW, Doak Niblett with his '62 M151 and M35, Jim Silvers and his '41 WC-56 Command Car.

The day started off cloudy and misty but soon gave way to a great day in the Hill Country for the 1st ever Veterans' Appreciation Day in Bandera, Tx.  The event started at 0900 with the traditional flag raising ceremony with music and songs by the local high school band.  The opening prayer by the American Legion Chaplain, a welcome speech by the Mayor and everything was underway.  This was followed by a parade up main street from the city park and then back to the Square for the rest of the day. 

A good crowd showed their thanks to everyone but the main attraction seemed to be the weapons display with the 1894 Gattling Gun.  Every hour or so the Gattling would be fired off with a round of blanks and definitely got everyone's attention. 

Everything started winding down about mid afternoon so it was load up time once again and another trip back home and another job well done.

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Charlie and Danny with Danny's M151A2 Jim S and his WC56 Toby C and his MB JD H and his GPW JD's GPW and Doak's M151
05vetband105.jpg (58469 bytes) 05vetband106.jpg (45158 bytes) 05vetband107.jpg (43719 bytes) 05vetband108.jpg (46494 bytes) 05vetband109.jpg (57744 bytes)
Recruiting tool Tractor display Uniform display
05vetband110.jpg (59127 bytes)
The Gattling Gun


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