Event: Veterans Day Parade
Date: Friday November 11, 2005
Location: Congress Ave, Austin Texas
Description: Yet another fine example of what we can do as a club!

Man did we have a big group this year with lots of members, vehicles and guests.  Glen V was the first to arrive at the TxDot parking lot and had his CJ2A unloaded about the time Scott S arrived driving his M38A1.  Shortly thereafter, Herb showed up driving his GPW and Rick H driving his M38A1.  Jim S and his daughter Shirley B arrived in Bill's M151A1, and Scott's dad John showed up about the same time.  Bill B made it in followed by Madison H driving his M37, John K pulling his MB, Danny K pulling his M37 along with Fred H.  Then JH shows up in his freshly painted M35A2 to round out the big trucks.  Danny's friend Sarge was also present wearing the same uniform he had worn when he was in the service.

Once everyone had done the meet and greet and prepared their vehicles, we headed out to the Congress Ave bridge where we were staged #38 this year.  As we were staged early, the lineup of club vehicles was quite impressive only being outdone by the Corvette club this year in sheer number of vehicles.  The usual groups were there that we run into at other events including the USMC guys and their red trailer with the M38A1.  There was one other WWII 1/4 ton that was present in the parade but nobody knew who he was.

As the bridge began to fill up with participants, Robin P, came strolling up in her flight suit.  Robin is currently stationed at Dyess AFB in Abilene and in B1 bomber training.  Danny and Scott had a good time catching up on her activities.

About 9:45 the parade began and we meandered up Congress Ave at a leisurely pace.  With cool temperatures and a bit of light clouds, the crowds were significant for this years event.  Along the parade route we ran into Jeni L, newsletter guru, and later at the tail-end of the parade up at the Capitol was Club VP Ward B.

The trip back South to TxDot was uneventful except for all the traffic redirection going on due to construction.  However everyone made it back safe or departed on the way.

Overall, an excellent event with a great bunch of people.

Don't forget today - THANK A VET!

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The lineup on Congress Ave.  Six 1/4 Tons, two 3/4 tons and a deuce & 1/2 Herb led off the event this year with his GPW Glen V followed next in his CJ2A John K with daughter Cailey were next Scott with his dad in the blue shirt and his M38A1
05vetaus105.JPG (127817 bytes) 05vetaus106.JPG (128834 bytes) 05vetaus107.JPG (131491 bytes) 05vetaus108.JPG (129975 bytes) 05vetaus109.JPG (131281 bytes)
Rick in his M38A1 with Sarge Madison's M37 with his wife and grandson Jim S's M151A1 Danny and his M37 JH's M35A2
05vetaus110.JPG (124895 bytes) 05vetaus111.JPG (128313 bytes) 05vetaus112.JPG (131143 bytes) 05vetaus113.JPG (130427 bytes) 05vetaus114.JPG (126845 bytes)
Sarge and BIll B Madison and Jim S Robin and Danny with Fred, Herb and Glen John, Glen and Herb leading us to the Capitol Looking South at Rick, Madison, Jim, Danny and JH
05vetaus115.JPG (126475 bytes) 05vetaus116.JPG (203037 bytes) 05vetaus117.jpg (25578 bytes)
Glen with Sarge Looking back on the column Fred in the M37


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