Event: Celebrate Texas Parade (fka: Texas Independence Day Parade)
Date: Saturday, March 5, 2005
Location: Austin, Texas
Description: Texas Independence Day was March 2 which fell on a Wednesday this year.  Therefore, the parade was scheduled for the following Saturday.  Formerly known as the Texas Independence Day parade, the new name is Celebrate Texas.

On hand were a gaggle of Lonestar MVPA members including Danny K and his M151A2/M416, Scott S and his M38A1, Herb T and his GPW, Ronnie W and his GPW, John K and his MB, Glen V and his CJ2A, Tim W and his slat-grill MB and Rory C with his Unimog.  In addition, Fred H was lurking around (with doughnuts).  Scott's dad, John also arrived to participate as did Kaylee (John K's daughter) and Caitlin (Rory's daughter).

The group met at the TxDot parking lot about 7:30am or so with the threat of rain and  percentages ranging between 40% and 70%.  However, the mere threat didn't interfere with 8 vehicles showing up including Herb (can't get my radios wet) T.  Danny disappeared to register us and secure our spot on the bridge, #14 right behind the Texas Association of Vietnam Veterans. 

We did the usual, stage, wait and restage routine with the anticipated 11:00am start time lurking.  During the wait, former President Tim W awarded Glen V the MVPA (Most Valuable Participant Award) for his contributions to the club and our efforts for the year 2004.  Scott sold some 20mm and .50cal rounds, several t-shirts and received a small donation to the club.  The doughnuts were slowly disappearing, and at 11:04, the parade began with a huge bang from Old Smokey, the Texas Cowboys (univ of texas) cannon.  The trip up Congress Ave. was uneventful and there was a good crowd for a Saturday morning and the threat of rain.

We made the turn at the Capitol and headed South along a dedicated "Parade Return Lane" which allowed us to skirt the lights all the way back to TxDot.  Danny, Glen, Ronnie and John trailered their rigs and secured them while Scott and Herb split for SW Austin, Rory to P-Ville and Tim to central Austin.

In the end, we had an excellent turn-out, dry but overcast weather and one heck of a good time.

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Tim giving Glen the MVPA award for 2004 (l-r) Ronnie, John K, Kaylee, Caitlin, Rory, Tim, Herb, Glen, Danny Danny and his M151A2 Scott's M38A1 Glen's CJ2A
05txindf.JPG (128880 bytes) 05txindg.JPG (132609 bytes) 05txindh.JPG (130371 bytes) 05txindi.JPG (130097 bytes) 05txindj.JPG (131605 bytes)
Ronnie's GPW Herb's GPW John's MB Tim's Slat-Grill Caitlin and Rory's Unimog
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Looking North from the bridge The group... Killing time... ...more time TAVV
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Every seen this? ...or this? Looking back at Glen and the large Texas flag provided by LCRA Looking North to the Capitol


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