Event: Club Social Gathering and Monthly Meeting
Date: August 20, 2005
Location: Austin, Texas at "Kaiserville"
Description: Food, Friends, and Fun!

What a turn-out for the annual club convoy/social!  About 7:30am, Danny pulled out his M151A2/M416 combo and parked it out front as a marker for all to see where "Kaiserville" was.  Scott arrived driving his M38A1 and was shortly followed by John SS and his M35A2 and Rory with his new 'pickup' as he called it - a FIVE ton M813A1 dropside.  Also riding with Rory was Jeff L.  Madison H rolled in next with his M37.

Non-driving members began to arrive to enjoy the coffee and donuts provided.  They included Herb in his new Ford F250, Tim W and his father-in-law Ray, Fred H, Rick H and his wife Nancy, Jeff McD, and Glen V.  Danny's wife Gail was also milling around assisting with the set-up.

Right off the bat, the first thing everyone had to see was the damage done to the mailbox by the "Postman" aka: Rory.  Turns out his new pickup as he calls it (M813A1) is just a bit bigger than anticipated and he tagged the mailbox out front.  Rushing out to snap the picture before the 'fix', Rory had a good laugh at what happened.  As it turns out, there was no damage but Rory did straighten the mailbox to better then new condition.

The coffee was on and the donuts were going fast as members continued to arrive.  Everyone milled around and chatted, looked at the vehicles, took pictures and generally kicked back under the big pecan trees.  Cold beverages were plentiful and flowing as well.  A swap table was setup and a few members took advantage of the opportunity to sell/purchase some items.  Herb was busy installing a radio tower in his new truck.

About 11am, Danny fired up his grill and began the prep for the blackberry/pineapple cobbler and the cherry/pineapple cobblers for desert.  Scott also started the big trailer pit (provided by Fleet Maintenance of Texas) for lunch.  Claude showed up along with Clint DeB and his son Colton, and about noon, the group feasted on raspberry chipotle bacon cheeseburgers cooked by honorary mess sergeant Scott.  Desert was a fantastic Dutch oven version of the cobblers cooked by Danny.  A great assortment of cookies was also provided.

About 1pm, the club got down to business.  By now, everyone's belly was full and the meeting went quickly.  Glen showed up and Scott tossed on a few more burgers.  After the meeting, several members departed, yet many stayed to enjoy the Saturday afternoon under the big trees conversing with fellow members and having a good time.

About 3:30 or so, most had departed.  Overall, another great annual social event!  Make plans to attend next year - you won't be disappointed!

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Going Postal with Rory's '73 M813A1 Five Ton Survey of the 'handiwork' Scott's M38A1, John's M35A2 and Rory's new pickup Rory's new M813A1 5T and John's M35A2 2.5T John K's MB with Scott's M38A1
05social_h.JPG (131794 bytes) 05social_i.JPG (130988 bytes) 05social_j.JPG (123989 bytes) 05social_k.JPG (122800 bytes) 05social_l.JPG (127008 bytes)
Madison's M37 Danny's M151A2, Madison's M37, Rory's M813A1, John's M35A2, Scott's M38A1, John's MB The swap table Fred's CJ with Tim The desert pit
05social_m.JPG (123277 bytes) 05social_n.JPG (122202 bytes) 05social_o.JPG (126506 bytes) 05social_a.JPG (134559 bytes) 05social_b.JPG (123128 bytes)
Danny prepping the cobblers The burgers on their way... Finished cobblers Raspberry Chipotle bacon cheeseburgers Finished product
05social_c.JPG (127672 bytes) 05social_p.JPG (126480 bytes) 05social_r.JPG (122161 bytes) 05social_s.JPG (122914 bytes) 05social_t.JPG (128524 bytes)
MMmmmmmm Nancy H, Rick H and Gail K Danny K Madison, Claude, Jeff, Ray Burgers ready and new ones on for seconds
05social_u.JPG (121596 bytes) 05social_v.JPG (129478 bytes) 05social_w.JPG (125008 bytes)
Belly's full Colton 'takin it easy What a mess!


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