Event: Blue & Gold Banquet
Date: Saturday, February 12, 2005
Location: Middle School, Austin Texas
Description: After attending the Boy Scout Report to State Parade in Austin, the club was invited to Pack 395's annual Blue and Gold banquet.  The event is to give awards to the various scouts for their achievements during the past year as well as recognize those that have contributed to the success of their efforts.

In the end, only Scott S and Herb T were in attendance.  On a rainy evening, both headed to the local middle school where there were hundreds of scouts and their parents.  After a brief ceremony, the Lonestar MVPA was recognized for their outstanding efforts in carrying every scout and parent for this years parade.  In addition to the recognition, Scott and Herb received a fantastic bbq plate dinner and as many trips through the desert bar as they could handle.

After the awards ceremony, a magician entertained the kids.  However, Scott and Herb did their version of disappearing prior to the magic show.

As always, the leaders of Pack 395 are very appreciative of our efforts and what we do for them.

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Opening Pledge... Scout leader Bruce F opening the ceremonies Herb ready to chow down The desert line...


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