Event: Saturday Night Car Show
Date: October 8, 2005
Location: Albertson's at the "Y" in Oak Hill, Texas
Description: After the Cruise and Blues show, John K and Scott S drove over to the "Y" in Oak Hill to the local Saturday Night car show.  As they figured, many of the vehicles that participated in the event earlier were just waiting a bit to make their way over to this event.

As usual, the two military jeeps were a bit hit since they both had the 1919's mounted.  John and Scott spent a fair amount of time talking with people about the vehicles, where they came from and the collector value in historic military vehicles.  There was also the typical "jeep in a crate stacked five tall as far as you could see" stories which were listened to with great interest.

Some pretty nice vehicles also showed up this evening.  About 6:45pm, John and Scott headed their separate ways - John to load his jeep up on the trailer that was back at the Cruise and Blues location, and Scott headed home before dark set-in.

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John and his '45 MB Scott's '53 M38A1 'Cuda '65 Corvette (2nd Owner)
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Nice old Chevrolet Garage "hot-rod" Chevy Impala The jeeps


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