Event: Randolph Air Show
Date: Saturday, November 5/6, 2005
Location: Randolph AFB, San Antonio, Texas
Description: The annual Randolph AFB Air Show was held this year in conjunction with Veterans' Day.  The show featured many CAF airplanes, including an F-15, F-16, B-1 Flyover, The Air Force Thunderbirds, The Army Golden Knights Parachute Team, a WW II Tora, Tora, Tora reenactment, jet powered truck and dragster, and the usual food and trinket booths.

Those in attendance included Jeff McD with his 1942 Willys MB, Danny K and his 1970 M151A2, Hugh D and his 1952 M38, Madison H with his 1953 M37, John K and his 1945 Willys MB, Chuck Brewton and his 1942 Willys MB, Jim Hudson with his 1943 CCKW 353A1.  Also in attendance without vehicles were Glen V and Bob Talbot.

On Saturday morning the group gathered at the VFW in Schertz, Tx where they were met by Maj. Stalls who escorted them on base and got the group set up in the display area.  The group was a little far from the main action of the air show but did have the shade which proved to be a life saver as the temp climbed into the low 90's that day.  A significant number of visitors come by and checked out all of the equipment and many pictures were taken with the drivers.  

Madison set up a fine display of field gear and communication equipment and the kids had a lot of fun talking on the field telephones.  A big difference from what we have today, all you could do with those phones is talk on them.  The club was treated like royalty by the base personnel with a couple of Lt's. named Beck and Call to look after us and make sure everything we needed was taken care of.  They were provided food and drinks for the day and everyone had a good time.  Everyone must make plans on attending this annual event for the club in the future.

About 4 PM the show was over and everyone loaded up and headed back home.  Another successful mission for the Lone Star MVPA.

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Hugh D and his M38 Madison's M37 John K and his MB Danny's M151A2 Chuck's MB
05rand105.jpg (35795 bytes) 05rand106.jpg (24832 bytes) 05rand107.jpg (25279 bytes) 05rand108.jpg (21650 bytes) 05rand109.jpg (38947 bytes)
Jim H and Bob T F15 Thunderbirds F16 P51 Huey
05rand110.jpg (25594 bytes) 05rand111.jpg (27250 bytes) 05rand112.jpg (29489 bytes) 05rand113.jpg (38437 bytes)
F4C B25 B17


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