Event: Pack 395 Scout Field Trip
Date: June 6, 2005
Location: Camp Mabry, Austin Texas
Description: On 6-6-05 Comanche District Cub Scouts held a military theme Basic Training day camp on Camp Mabry in Austin.  Lone Star MVPA had been asked if we could provide a vehicle to transport scouts around the base and John SS volunteered his deuce. 

Early Monday morning John drove the deuce to Mabry, accompanied by Rory C, arriving at 7:30am.  They spent the day taking loads of Cub Scouts and their adult leaders from the scout area to the military museum for a tour.  After the tour they were taken back "the long way" to enjoy more of a ride.  By the time the museum closed at 5pm, around 190 scouts and 40 adults had been carried.  The 'talking cargo' all appear to have had a good time.  John and Rory were given "Thank You" certificates in front of the assembled scouts at the end of the day. 

At 5:30pm, John and Rory headed north in the deuce through rush hour traffic, hot and tired but happy, both feeling they had accomplished something good for the kids

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Staging area John and the kids Parents/Kids John and his M35A2


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