Event: 42nd Model A Texas Tour - "Greatest Generation"
Date: June 9, 2005
Location: Pilot's Choice, Georgetown, Texas
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The 42nd Model A Ford Texas Tour from June 9 - 12, 2005, made an early stop in Georgetown, Texas which gave club members a chance to participate because this year's theme was "A Salute to the Greatest Generation."  

Dozens upon dozens of Model A Fords converged on the Georgetown Airport for this stop coordinated by Bob Steinmann, an avid World War II historian and collector.  Even though this was an evening event, it was hot, hot, hot. In attendance were Tim W. and Clint DeB with their jeeps as well as JH M. and his son Weldon, John K. and his wife Cammi, and Curtis J.  

JH and Curtis brought a monster vintage truck which club members were able to use for shade as it dwarfed everything else in sight.  John was in WWII wools and his wife Cammi arrived with him in an outstanding woman's Navy uniform that was impeccable.  They both looked sharp with John's WWII Recon jeep.  Tim held off to the last minute, but also donned his WWII wools in support of the event.  Clint was in coveralls which kept him a bit cooler while JH and Curtis sweated it out in typical civilian attire of boots and blue jeans.  

Bob Steinmann was a great host for what was essentially a hanger party with a band playing vintage music and hundreds gathered around for some of the best barbecue any of us has had in while.  The food was catered by Smokey Mo's and was outstanding.  The 'Devil Dog" medium bomber was set up right outside the hanger with the military vehicles and some beautiful civilian machines from the 1940s.  

There were literally more Model A Fords there than could be counted.  It was an amazing sight.  Many of the owners turned out to be veterans who took the time to thank club members and reminisce about their days riding around in jeeps under much different circumstances.  

Excellent event.

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