Event: Memorial Day 
Date: May 30, 2005
Location: Cook-Walden Funeral Park, Pflugerville, Texas
Description: The right thing to do.

First up, thanks to Toby and Herb for coming out Saturday morning and helping VFW Post 8925 put out about 700 flags at Forest Oaks Cemetery in Oak Hill

With the threat of continued rains lurking all around the area on Sunday (Memorial Day), John S and Rory C drove over to the Cook-Walden funeral park in Pflugerville in John's mighty M35.  Also driving to the event were Secretary Rick H and his wife Nancy in Rick's M38A1.  Danny trailered his M151A2 and M416 trailer, as did Scott S and his M38A1 and Herb T and his GPW.  Rounding out the club members were Barry F representing a Desert Storm warrior and Claude V, well, as Claude.

In years past, our group has attended the single memorial day ceremony in Oak Hill.  However, this year's ceremony was a composite of several veterans groups providing for a much larger, well represented event.  The salvation army was on-hand to provide snacks and beverages as well.

Our group staged in the appropriate area and fielded questions until the start of the ceremony.  There were several speakers present including a Texas senator and Austin city council member.  Other speakers included current and former veterans.

The ceremony continued with the placing of pictures representative of all five major conflicts including WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East.  Additional activity included the placing of memorial wreaths at a makeshift grave site provided by the Texas Association of Vietnam Veterans, a double-bugle taps ceremony followed by a bag-pipe rendition of theme songs from each service branch.

After the event, the group again fielded questions, received many thanks from the attendees, then pulled up and departed under mostly cloudy skies.

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The line-up Herb and his GPW Rick and his M38A1 Scott and his M38A1 Danny and his M151
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John (l) and Rory (r) Gail and Danny Rick and Nancy Milling around John clowning around
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WWI representation Sgt. York memorial WWII Airborne memorial Korea (l) and Desert Storm (r) memorial
05memap.JPG (125258 bytes) 05memaq.JPG (123960 bytes) 05memar.JPG (126514 bytes) 05memas.JPG (130404 bytes) 05memat.JPG (132551 bytes)
The five major war representatives Korea representative (l to r) Vietnam, WWII, WWI The American Legion post honor guard
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Laying of the wreath TAVV Members paying respects The honor guard
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21 gun salute Taps Symbolic wreath Toby needs this for Traveler!


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