Event: Manor Lion's Fest Parade
Date: Saturday, September 17th, 2005
Location: Manor, Texas
Description: Jeff L and Rory drove the Unimog and the M813A1 to Manor, arriving at the staging area close to 8am.  Staging was the usual swirl of activity, then the wait for the start at 10am.  The parade started on time, and the route was well manned by spectators.  The announcement about LS-MVPA members restoring and displaying old military vehicles at their own expense was enthusiastically acknowledged by the audience. 

Only one turn on the route was a bit tight for the M813, but negotiable.  A Manor PD officer looked slightly un-nerved by the proximity of a large tire passing next to his patrol car, but we made it okay.  Any sensibly sized vehicle would have no trouble with the route. 

After the parade, the booths and barbeque were checked out, then the vehicles reloaded and headed for home.

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05_manor1.JPG (72870 bytes) 05_manor2.JPG (96821 bytes) 05_manor3.JPG (103221 bytes) 05_manor4.JPG (108166 bytes)
Patrick and Cody in the M813 5-Ton Patrick and Rory's new pick-up.  The M813 5-Ton Rory's Unimog with Caitlin, David and friend Justin The 1970 Unimog of Rory's growing stable
05_manor5.jpg (27447 bytes) 05_manor6.jpg (29463 bytes) 05_manor7.jpg (39582 bytes) 05_manor8.jpg (43626 bytes)
Rory on top... The 'Mog and 'pick-up truck Parade entries Fun for the kids...
05_manor9.jpg (44026 bytes) 05_manor10.jpg (39450 bytes) 05_manor11.jpg (45367 bytes) 05_manor12.jpg (40436 bytes)
Rory and Jane Tail-End-Charlie view... The M813


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