Event: Lakeway July 4th Parade
Date: July 4, 2005
Location: Lakeway, Texas
Description: Each year, the little village of Lakeway hosts a fun little Independence Day Parade.  The normal routine is everyone meets at Scott Swenson's place and convoy's over to the airfield/golf course where the start of the parade is.

This year, Jeff had a bit of 'trouble' with his newly restored MB when his water pump pully decided it didn't want to be attached to the shaft anymore and thus took a trip into the radiator knocking him out for the event.  However, many members were there to help assist.

Those in attendance included Danny and his M151A2/M416, Glen V and his CJ2A, Rick H and his M38A1, Clint D and his M38, John K and his MB, Rory C with his two sons Patrick and David and his Unimog, John SS and his M35A2, and Jeff L.

This year, the parade was much the same as years past.  The parade wandered thru the village and finished back at Swensons where the group learned there would be no event held at the park by the lake.  With that, everyone packed up and headed out.

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05_lake_a.jpg (38015 bytes) 05_lake_b.jpg (40515 bytes) 05_lake_c.jpg (31465 bytes) 05_lake_d.jpg (48941 bytes) 05_lake_e.jpg (29683 bytes)
Danny's M151A2, Glen's CJ2A, Clint's M38 Rick's M38A1 Rick in uniform Neat bi-plane with Rory's Unimog and John's M35A2
05_lake_f.jpg (46855 bytes) 05_lake_g.jpg (59768 bytes) 05_lake_h.jpg (53016 bytes)
Danny_TAVV.jpg (1799111 bytes) 05_lake_i.jpg (651986 bytes)
Danny and the TAVV group David and Patrick in Rory's Unimog and Jeff admiring the flag


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