Event: Old Tyme Days Parade
Date: October 15, 2005
Location: Hutto, Texas
Description: An excellent parade with a very sad ending...

The day started out quite cool - ok, chilly when Danny, Scott and Madison arrived at the Covert HippoPlex to unload their trailers.  The sun was just coming up and Scott already had his M38A1 off the trailer followed by Danny's M151A2/M416 and Madison's M37.  The three of them then moved their truck/trailer combo's to the back of the car lot.  Once that was done, the three headed into Hutto about 1.5 miles away and found the staging area where Danny checked in for the group.

A short time later, Jeff L driving Rory's Unimog and Rory driving his 5-Ton arrived and staged.  Not too long after that, John SS showed up in his M35A2, then a surprise showed up with Curtis J and his wife Shiela in their 5-Ton truck/tractor.  (if your keeping count, that's five BIG trucks, one MEDIUM truck and two LITTLE quarter-tons).  Then Claude and Jeanne V with their grandson arrived.  And the people just kept coming.  Jane also arrived with Rory's kids Caitlin and Patrick.  

By now, we had a party going!  The Hutto Lavender Lightening girls soccer team was decorating John SS's M35A2 and they provided halloween decorated doughnuts to the group.  The staging area soon became crowded with all the entries for the event and the start time approached and went without movement.

We learned from a parade marshal that EMS had to be cleared and that was the 30 minute or so delay.  Then at 10:30, the parade began.  We moved slowly up the street to Hwy 79 where the highway was blocked off to one lane of traffic in each direction in order to accommodate the parade.  People lined the right side of the highway eight or ten deep.  The crowd was huge for such a small town.  As Danny put it, Hutto is the only parade we do that's "...a five mile parade in a one mile town'.  As soon as we started, it was over where we made it back to our staging area and grouped up for the next part of the day.

John SS cleaned his truck off and departed to pick up his big box trailer for the truck, and the rest of the group departed to the Covert Auto HippoPlex for the car show starting later in the day.

On a side note, we have since learned a young parade participant was accidentally killed when she fell off the float she was riding.  Our sincerest condolences go out to the family.

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05hutto100.JPG (63444 bytes) 05hutto101.JPG (129168 bytes) 05hutto102.JPG (130579 bytes) 05hutto103.JPG (132237 bytes) 05hutto104.JPG (132444 bytes)
Danny's M151A2/M416 with John SS and Jeff Scott's M38A1 Madison and his '53 M37 John's M35A2 Rory's Mercedes Unimog driven by Jeff L
05hutto105.JPG (129991 bytes) 05hutto106.JPG (134342 bytes) 05hutto107.JPG (124005 bytes) 05hutto108.JPG (121355 bytes) 05hutto109.JPG (131652 bytes)
Rory's Pickup, the M813A1 5 Ton Curtis J's 5 Ton truck-tractor Rory's monster truck with old glory... Jeff L (l) and John (r)
05hutto110.JPG (126738 bytes) 05hutto111.JPG (124605 bytes) 05hutto112.JPG (125688 bytes) 05hutto113.JPG (125998 bytes) 05hutto114.JPG (125552 bytes)
Claude, Jeanne and Aaron Bonnie wanting to show Jeff McD she was there... Looking back at Madison's M37 Looking forward to Danny's M151A2 Good crowds along the route
05hutto115.JPG (122440 bytes)
Hwy 79 reduced to one lane...


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