Event: Covert HippoPlex Car Show
Date: October 15, 2005
Location: Hutto, Texas
Description: First time car show that will only get better!

Having just finished the Hutto Old Tyme Days parade, everyone then headed over to the Covert Auto HippoPlex for their first attempt at a car show.  Held in conjunction with the parade, the Covert facility was perfect, albeit a bit hot, for a car show.  They had roped out a HUGH area for the participants and the club was given first priority at the entire back area (and we took it all...)

The line-up was very impressive with the BIG trucks on one end working their way down to the LITTLE quarter-tons.  We had John SS's M35A2 and his big box trailer, followed by Rory's 5-Ton and Curtis J's 5-Ton.  Then, getting a bit smaller, we had Rory's Unimog driven by Jeff L, then Madison's M37, Scott's M38A1 and Danny's M151A2/M416.  Again, Claude and Jeanne made an appearance along with Caitlin and Patrick, Rory's kids.

The show had a good mix of antiques, hot rods, drag cars, motorcycles and of course, the historic military vehicles.  The UT football game was playing on the radio and there were several food vendors there to keep us fed.

The crowds were impressive for a first time event with the organizer having a shuttle service to bring spectators in and out of the facility.  Many people couldn't believe that all the vehicles were privately owned and we were a car club.

Each spectator and participant who registered was given a voting sheet to cast ballots for their favorite vehicle in each of about nine classes.  The military vehicles had their own class as well.  About 2:30pm, the results were in.  Winning second place in military vehicles was Scott S and his '53 M38A1.  Winning first place in military vehicles was Madison H and his '53 M37.  Many jokes were made about whether it was the winch of Madison's that won first place vs the gun of Scott's.  We all agreed it was simply each had a white star on the hood and both were 1953 models!

Once the awards were handed out, everyone packed up, trailered up and headed home.  This was an excellent first time event and with some small improvements, should be one heck of a show next year.

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Danny's M151 with mannequin (l to r) John SS's M35A2, Rory's 5-Ton and Curtis's 5-Ton John SS and his M35A2 with box trailer Rory and Curtis's 5-Tons
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Toss the 'mog in on the right... Rory and Jeff L Madison with his 1st Place plaque Scott and his 2nd Place plaque
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Looked like a good place to put it! ...and some of the other vehicles present
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