Event: Gonzales "Come and Take It" Parade
Date: October 1, 2005
Location: Gonzales, Texas
Description: Another good one!

Four of us turned out for the annual Come and Take It Parade in Gonzales this year.  Fred H was at Danny's place early Saturday morning followed by Madison H and his M37.  Scott showed up a bit later with his M38A1 and Danny had his trusty M151A2/M416 combo.

About 6:45am, we headed out from "Kaiserville" to make the quick 60 mile trip South.  We arrived at the designated parking lot and unloaded.  Scott kept an eye on the vehicles and gear while the rest of the group made their way to get coffee and some kibbles for the troops.

After morning chow, we meandered our way to the staging area where it was 'hurry up and wait time' as usual.  This parade is one of the best as far as organization goes.  It's a 'reverse order' start meaning the first entries are at the back of the line for the start.  That way, everyone in the parade gets to see everyone else either coming or going.

The parade started at 10:30am and wondered through town.  When we stopped at the announcers station, Danny received our SECOND PLACE for BEST VEHICLE GROUP!  What a treat.  After receiving the award, we continued until the parade was over.

Back at the staging area, we loaded up and all headed to McDonalds for our obligatory lunch there.

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Fred, Danny and Madison Madison and his M37 Scott and his M38A1 Danny's M151A2, the M37 and M38A1
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The 'coolest' truck voted by club members USMC group driving an NEKAF M38A1 'gotta love a good parade
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Wells Fargo's bank entry A chevy Nova with boat top!
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The carnival part
05gonz121.JPG (124837 bytes) 05gonz122.JPG (126323 bytes)
Moving thru town


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