Event: Elgin Hogeye Festival and Car Show
Date: October 22, 2005
Location: Elgin, Texas
Description: Yet another Hogeye in the books.

With the weather promising to be cool and dry for the first time in three years for this event, Jeff McD met Scott S at Jeff's business partners place in Elgin where they unloaded their vehicles.  Jeff brought his '42 MB and Scott brought his '53 M38A1 and '39 Colson bicycle.  Madison H drove his '53 M37 in to the event and was waiting on Scott and Jeff to arrive.

Upon arrival at the newly restored train depot in downtown Elgin, we were staged just under the eve of the train station, off the parking lot surface.  Scott called it 'rock-star parking' since we were so close to the depot.  The theme of the event was "Elgin, a decade of war and peace" that was a tribute to the 1940's.  A short time later, the other vehicles for the car show began to appear.

The temps were a bit cool at first, but as the sun came up, everyone warmed nicely.  About 11am, the crowds began to really build and there was a tremendous amount of people-traffic going into the train depot to see all of the exhibits.  Each car show participant was given six slips of paper that were color coded and were instructed to vote for other cars in the six classes.  All voting had to be turned in by 1pm to be counted.

Well, by noon, Jeff and Scott were past-hungry so they left to get a burger while Claude and Jeanne V, Madison and Barry F stood guard with the vehicles.  After they returned, then Claude and Madison left for their burger-break.  At 1pm sharp, the judges picked up the voting boxes and started their counting.  By 2pm, the results had been released and the LS-MVPA didn't win any hardware this time around.  By 2:15pm, Scott and Jeff had loaded up and headed back to trailer their vehicles while Madison stayed behind with his fantastic display of field communications gear and explosives.

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05hog100.JPG (120755 bytes) 05hog101.JPG (124627 bytes) 05hog102.JPG (125352 bytes) 05hog103.JPG (124403 bytes) 05hog104.JPG (129858 bytes)
Jeff's '42 MB Scott's '39 Colson and '53 M38A1 Madison's '53 M37 Scott's '39 Colson The lineup at the depot
05hog105.JPG (128904 bytes) 05hog106.JPG (122575 bytes) 05hog107.JPG (124221 bytes) 05hog108.JPG (128145 bytes) 05hog109.JPG (128275 bytes)
Another shot of the lineup Claude Madison and his communications gear Looking one way at the event...
05hog110.JPG (122621 bytes) 05hog111.JPG (126778 bytes) 05hog112.JPG (124951 bytes) 05hog113.JPG (125464 bytes) 05hog114.JPG (129676 bytes)
...and the other A Spitfire complete with appropriate paint! BMW
05hog115.JPG (128669 bytes) 05hog116.JPG (124559 bytes) 05hog117.JPG (126812 bytes) 05hog118.JPG (130093 bytes) 05hog119.JPG (123552 bytes)
Austin Sprite Pontiac GTO "Judge" Cobra Mustang
05hog120.JPG (124027 bytes)
Custom street rod


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