Event: Cruise and Blues Neighborhood Car Show
Date: October 8, 2005
Location: Oak Hill, Texas
Description: Last year Scott S. stumbled into the First Oak Hill Neighborhood Association's Cruise and Blues festival and took his jeep.  This year was different in that we had four members attend the Second Annual event and the location had moved to a larger venue.

Arriving mid-morning, John K brought in his '45 MB and found a good spot.  About noonish, Danny K driving his '70 M151A2 and M416 trailer along with Scott S driving his '53 M38A1 arrived and located a good spot.  A bit later in the afternoon, Herb T drove his '44 GPW over and parked with Danny.

The event had a large number of tents setup that had arts & crafts for sale, a large contingent of politicians, the Rotary club, many different food vendors and food vendors.  The church doubled as the big-screen tv room for the annual Red River Shootout between the University of Texas and the Oklahoma Sooners.

In the back area was the car show.  The entry fee was minimal at $10 for such a good time.  Having grown considerably since last year, there were a tremendous number of car clubs.  The Chevy Impala's appeared to be the best represented.  There were street rods, custom rods, quarter-mile cars, motorcycles and pick-up trucks.

About 4pm the judging was over and around 5pm the awards were given out.  Sad to say, none of the Lonestar-MVPA members received any hardware this time, but we all had a grand time answering questions about the vehicles and the club.  

Around 6:30pm or so, Danny and Herb took off.  Scott stayed to help John hook-up his trailer that had been blocked in by an inconsiderate person.  Once hooked up, John and Scott then headed over to the local Saturday Night Car Show at the "Y" in Oak Hill.

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Danny's '70 M151A2 and M416 trailer Scott's '53 M38A1 John's '45 MB Herb's '44 GPW One of the many rows of attendees...
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Lots of Chrysler representation Nice old Charger Quarter-mile car that sounded the best 150mph Dodge '79 Anniversary Mustang
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