Event: Burnet Air Show
Date: April 9th, 2005
Location: Burnet, Texas
Description: Yet another one for the books with a record THIRTEEN vehicles!

This year was 180 degrees different than last years event.  With perfect weather forecast for Saturday, Herb and Scott staked out the usual spot by the huge shade tree and began to set-up making sure to 'acquire' the largest perimeter available.  One by one, Danny K. arrived, then Glen V, Rory C and his son Patrick, John K, John S, Clint D, Tim W, Rick H, Toby C, Ronnie W and Jeff McD.  Also on-site without vehicles were Toby's friend Ray, Scott's Dad John, Glen's friends Brenda and Mike (just back from Iraq), Ronnie's friend Chris, Claude/Jeanne, and Jeni L.

Scott brought his latest creations including a OD "Donations" practice bomb and stand as well as his new M1-BBQ trailer.  Once the group was setup, Danny and Herb began manning the donations and sales efforts.  They made great progress in selling lots of .50cal rounds, 20mm rounds, t-shirts and koozies.  In addition, a fair number of donations were seen deposited into the 'bomb'.

The people began to pour in and fill the tarmac.  The group mingled under the trees in the shade and answered what must have been a million questions about the vehicles, our club and on and on.  The whole time, Jeff was patiently guarding his freshly restored MB just waiting for the first kid to make what we all believed would be a fatal one.  However, both Jeff and all the kids remained calm and nobody was killed in the campsite this day.  (the MB really is outstanding - Great Job Jeff)

About 10:30am Scott began preparations for firing up the M1-BBQ.  With a load of coals and hickory, a pit full of jalapeno elk sausage from Toby, jalapeno/cheese venison sausage from Scott and both sweet and hot Italian feral hog sausage also from Scott was placed tenderly in the pit.  Tossed in for good measure were some Earl Campbell hot links, Johnsonville beer brats and burgers.  

As usual, the LSMVPA hauled several show guests/dignitaries around (that's another topic for discussion later...)  Just after the opening ceremonies began, the food was ready and the troops fell in line for a feast.  Danny had also provided a big pot of queso that was simmering on the pit as well.  With a full spread of chips, dips, cookies and condiments, everyone ate until they were full.  Also joining in the feast were the French Legation re-enactors, some TAVV members and with some food left over, the Longbow pilots helped themselves to some sausage wraps as well. 

The show  went off without a hitch.  All the planes stayed in the air like they are supposed to do, and the weather simply was fantastic.  About 3pm, the air show was over and the crowds again passed thru our display area where we answered a zillion questions.  With the crowds thinning, many members began to pack up and depart.  About 5:30 with just about everyone gone, Scott and the remaining spectators were treated to a fantastic display by the Longbow helicopter pilots doing the most bizarre flight tricks, patterns, show you could imagine.  It was really a sight to see what that 'bird' could do in the hands of a skilled pilot.

This one went down in the record books as a "10".  The bar has been set for next year.  Hope to see everyone there.

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The left side of the 'tree" The right side... John's mighty M35 Danny's M151A2, M416 and weapons display John K and his MB
050409f.JPG (131530 bytes) 050409g.JPG (127071 bytes) 050409h.JPG (131243 bytes) 050409i.JPG (129376 bytes) 050409j.JPG (127782 bytes)
Scott's M38A1 Glen's CJ2A Herb's GPW Rory's Mercedes Clint's fantastic M38
050409k.JPG (133820 bytes) 050409l.JPG (131305 bytes) 050409m.JPG (134915 bytes) 050409n.JPG (130023 bytes) 050409o.JPG (135089 bytes)
Toby's MB Rick's M38A1 Ronnie's GPW Tim's Slat Grill MB The M1-BBQ
050409p.JPG (126045 bytes) 050409q.JPG (127420 bytes) 050409r.JPG (127285 bytes) 050409s.JPG (130761 bytes) 050409t.JPG (124878 bytes)
Part of the 'spread' of food Jeff's recently restored MB Jeff's MB Jeff's MB Jeff's MB
050409u.JPG (128794 bytes) 050409v.JPG (134496 bytes) 050409w.JPG (127677 bytes) 050409x.JPG (45791 bytes)
Austin Weber's M20 Grey hound (from Marble Falls) The M1-BBQ The M1-BBQ in action. Rory's son Patrick hanging out in the 'mog


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